Improvements to Waller Creek

by Sebastian Wren

The City of Austin Watershed Department has been working recently to rebuild the banks of Waller Creek.  They have fixed the damaged and dangerous area along Chesterfield Ave. between Franklin Blvd. and Nelray.

Erosion Control 1sm

Grass is already starting to grow on the new soil.  The city plants a mixture of drought-tolerant grasses and Texas wildflowers, so it should be quite attractive for years to come.

Erosion Control 2sm

Steps were added to make it easier for people to get down in the creek.  Neighborhood children are always curious about the flora and fauna in the creek, so the steps will give them a safer way to get down in the creek bed to explore.

Erosion Control 3sm

Next reconstruction will move one block north to repair the area along the street between Nelray and 55th Street.  They will remove the guard-rail, and clear out a lot of the overgrowth.  When they are done, it should be quite attractive.


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