Give your thoughts about traffic in Northfield

As Austin continues to grow, demand for housing near the center of town continues to increase.  New developments near our neighborhood are addressing some of this demand for housing, but unfortunately, they are likely to also increase traffic on near-by streets, and will probably exacerbate existing traffic problems around the neighborhood.

With two large apartment complexes nearing completion and a third (Avenue F and Koenig) due to begin construction soon, we need to work with the City of Austin to identify and address some of the traffic problems.  To begin this collaboration, we have invited representatives from the Austin City government to present their vision and future plans for our neighborhood and surrounding areas. These presentations will take place at Dayspring Chapel (5500 Avenue G) on January 25th from 9 a.m. to noon. The information we gather there will be used at a Community Workshop at the same place and time on February 15th.

In preparation for the workshop, we’re asking residents of the North Loop neighborhood to complete a brief survey. By filling out the survey, you will help us to understand your “high priority” traffic concerns. Please take a few minutes to fill out the Northfield Neighborhood Traffic Survey prior to the meeting on Saturday the 25th. [EDIT:  The survey window is now closed.  Stay tuned for a summary of the survey results.]


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