What is the Northfield “Character?”

If you had 1 minute to explain what you love about this neighborhood, what would you say?  What about the things you hate?  That’s basically what the City is asking for in a process they’re calling “Character in a Box.”  As part of the effort underway to rewrite the land-development code for the entire city, we are being asked to quickly, succinctly define and describe character features we like and don’t like in our neighborhood.

What do you like about the houses?Characterinabox

What about apartments and condos?

What about businesses and shops and offices?

How do you get around?  Do you drive?  Do you like sidewalks?  Bike lanes?

How many parking spaces should be required for a home or business?

What do you think we could do better?

A “Character in a Box” meeting is a chance for you to answer these questions.  The city is rolling out these meetings in the coming weeks, and there will be several chances to participate here in Northfield.

Stay tuned for information about planned meetings.


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