Omelettry Coming to our Neighborhood?

Apparently the iconic Austin restaurant, The Omelettry, which has been located at 4811 Burnet Road for over 35 years, is looking for a new location — and they’re looking around Northfield.  The lease on their building expires in 2015, and the owners of the building they have rented since 1978 have declined to renew the lease.  Hence the need for a move.

The owners of the Omelettry have indicated that they would like to relocate to Airport Boulevard, close to the Highland Austin Community College campus.  In addition to the thousands of students who will be attending school at Highland ACC, the Omlettery would also benefit from all of the Travis County employees who will soon be housed at the Airport Boulevard office complex, plus the thousands of people who will be living in new residential and mixed-use structures planned for the Boulevard.

The Omlettery would provide a “local flavor” alternative to national chain restaurants, such as In-N-Out Burger that are also moving to the area.  Every sign points to a rapid and significant re-invention of Airport Boulevard over the next few years, and restaurants and businesses are realizing they need to move quickly to get the most prime real-estate options at the most reasonable prices.


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