Great News! We all live in “Hyde Park” now!

Yes, it’s true.  Visitors to our neighborhood will soon be greeted by a sign that says “Hyde Park.”  It will be the sign outside the new “Hyde Park Apartments” that are under construction at the corner of Ave. F and Koenig — on the very NORTHERN edge of our neighborhood.  The 210-unit apartment complex with underground parking is slated to open by the Spring of 2015. (See the registered site plan here.)


A few malcontents have suggested that we officially change our name from NORTHFIELD to “Hyde Park-ish,” but that just lacks the regal tone struck by our new monicker.

Hopefully other neighborhoods will not be jealous to this promotion in our status.  Perhaps some day, if they try really hard, all neighborhoods in Austin can be named “Hyde Park.”  After all, when Monroe Shipe first built Hyde Park in 1880s, the tiny little neighborhood barely reached as far as 45th Street.  Over time, though, Hyde Park spread like a bad rash up to 51st Street.  It seems inevitable that it should continue to spread until all of Austin is included under the protective jurisdiction of Hyde Park.

In the mean time, let’s all plan to be at the opening of this apartment complex in the Spring of 2015 to greet each of our new neighbors and welcome them to NORTHFIELD … um… I mean “Hyde Park.”


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