New Restaurants in the Area

Did I forget to mention that Maudie’s Tex-Mex is now open in The Triangle?

Sorry about that.

The popular local chain has been expanding, and they’re giving the Triangle a try.  This is the second Tex-Mex restaurant in that location, and hopefully Maudie’s will do a little better than the last one. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Maudie’s is the restaurant of choice for Bill Clinton when he is in town. If it’s good enough for the former POTUS, it’s surely good enough for us, right?

Also, the re-imagined strip-center formerly known as Lincoln Village — now reborn as “The Linc” — will soon be home to Vivo, the trendy and popular Tex-Mex restaurant that was on Manor Road for over 10 years.  Apparently Vivo had irreconcilable differences with their landlord, and they decided to shut down their restaurant on Manor and look for a new home. And new owners.  Because apparently the “irreconcilable differences” involved a lawsuit over vandalism that is still finding it’s way through court.

The new owners found a new home at The Linc, and plan to open in early summer with a large patio, an expanded menu, and “Tequila Classes.” (No, I’m not making that last one up — apparently they think we need to learn a thing or two about drinking tequila…)

The Linc is claiming they are going to have a whole “row” of restaurants opening this year in an effort to bring vitality and traffic back to the once-trendy shopping center. (It was… trust me… Lincoln Village really was an upscale shopping experience when it first opened…)  Vivo is the first restaurant I’ve heard of that will go into this “row,” but it’s a darn good start.


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