U.T. is about to Make Improvements to the Intramural Fields

Hey, did you know that the U.T. Intramural Fields have a name?  Neither did I.  For 25 years, I’ve just called them the IF.  Apparently they’re called the Whitaker Fields or the Whitaker “Complex.”

Live and learn.

And here is some more trivia.  Apparently U.T. hasn’t done anything with the Whitaker Complex since 1980.  That was the last time they updated the turf, fences, and facilities. They think it is about time to spiff up the place, and they’re raising money for a $20 million improvement project.

They seem to be committed to a face-lift that, at a minimum, would include new lighting, new sod, a better irrigation system, and some repairs to existing facilities.  But they’d like to raise money for a more ambitious project that would include:

  • A “Championship Corner” with stadium-like amenities for intramural championships, club tournaments and special events
  • Synthetic fields to allow for year-round usage regardless of weather
  • A new, relocated and expanded support facility known as the “Gateway Building” with lockers, vending, meeting and training space and single access to the site
  • New perimeter fencing and security systems to protect the space for current students and other eligible users
  • New energy-efficient lighting and irrigation systems to provide green energy and reduce the carbon footprint
  • Additional restrooms and water filing stations to improve user comfort
  • Shade structures, seating areas and landscaping plantings to create more comfortable spaces to gather
  • Portable softball diamonds, bleachers and goals to accommodate a multitude of events and activities

I can’t really wrap my mind around the idea of a “portable softball diamond,” but I can sure get behind a better lighting system and a better irrigation system.

Let’s just hope this work doesn’t involve kicking out the hundreds of Monk Parakeets that live in those light towers.



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