Northfield Resident Running for City Council

by Sebastian Wren

Many of you know Gregorio Casar.  He has been active in the Neighborhood Association for some time.  He has always been very civic-minded and dedicated to making positive change for our neighbors.  In addition to his active involvement in Northfield projects, Casar also works as the political director at the Workers Defense Project where he has made great gains in improving the quality of life for thousands of workers in our City.

Casar has now decided that he can do even more for the Austin community, and he has announced that he is running for the new City Council District #4 seat.

Recently, Austin voters decided to move away from the “at-large” system of representative government (where all council-members and the mayor are elected based on city-wide results) toward a local-district form of representation.  This new 10-1 system means that voters in each of 10 districts will elect one member of City Council to represent their district.  Northfield is split fairly equally into two different districts — #4 and #9.

The south side of our neighborhood falls in District #9, which also includes Hyde Park, Heritage Neighborhood Association, Downtown, and also Travis Heights.  Current council-members Chris Riley and Kathie Tovo are competing for that seat, and it is a sure bet that one of them will win that seat.

The north side of our neighborhood falls in District #4 which stretches up Central Austin to Braker and includes Highland neighborhood and the Rundberg / Lamar area.  No current council-members live in District #4, so it is an open seat.

This means that we have a golden opportunity to elect a representative from Northfield to City Council.  An opportunity like this is very rare, and hopefully we can take advantage of it and give our full support to our neighbor Gregorio Casar.

Casar is kicking off his campaign on May 28th at 6:00 at the Cuban Sandwich Cafe (9616 N. Lamar). You can keep track of Casar’s campaign through his facebook page and his campaign website.



One thought on “Northfield Resident Running for City Council

  1. Greg moved to Northfield at Keonig Ln. near Lamar renting an apartment in Dist. 4 from Windsor Park Dist. 1 at the beginning of this year. Greg has been an official resident of Dist. 4 for a grand total of 4 months. The prior two years total that he has been in Austin, he was a resident of Dist. 1. By comparison Katrina Daniel has lived more than a decade in the Northfield/Highland area.

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