Another new restaurant (or two) to open on Airport Blvd. soon

Airport Boulevard continues to be the site of a good deal of activity, as businesses and restaurants try to get established in what is sure to be Austin’s next hot spot.

Teresa Wilson, former owner / chef for iconic Austin restaurants Aquarelle and Basil’s, has started construction on her next project — a restaurant she is calling Sala and Betty.  Construction fences went up at the former Stallion Grill (5201 Airport Blvd.), and in the next 6 months, the former drive-through / family-style dining restaurant will be transformed into … well .. another drive-through / family-style dining restaurant.  But hopefully with a better menu.

Aquarelle (W. 6th St.) was once widely acclaimed as one of the finest European-style restaurants in Austin, but Wilson decided to close it down a few years ago to reassess her priorities and goals.  She had planned to open a restaurant she would call Chonita’s (named after her Grandmother) that would allow her to explore her Latin culinary roots, but that restaurant never came to fruition.

Now her plan is to open Sala and Betty which will be a “slow food served fast” restaurant that, she says, will take the guilt out of fast food.

Similarly, down the street, celebrated Austin chef Shawn Cirkiel is planning to open another restaurant (this will be his 5th) that he is calling Bullfight.  Apparently it is not a done deal, but he seems to be at least exploring the possibilities and potential of opening his restaurant at 4807 Airport Blvd.


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