City Council Candidate Erin McGann Responds to NNA Questions

Erin McGann, candidate for City Council Place 9, has provided her responses to the questions we asked of all Place 4 and Place 9 candidates.  Read her responses below:

NNA:  The city council lowered occupancy limits in an attempt to reduce the proliferation of so-called Stealth Dorms, but this reduction in occupancy limits will only be in place for 2 years. What would be your commitment to following through on that initiative to ensure the preservation of single-family homes into the future?

McGann:  Because of the high cost of housing, and the lack of ability for enforcement, I cannot support the continuation of this policy. I don’t like to see people stacking up in residences, but this ordinance unfairly targets the elderly, poor and disabled. A limit of 6 per residence is plenty (still unenforceable).

NNA:  Austin housing prices have increased dramatically over the past 20 years, raising concerns about both affordability and property taxes. What efforts will you take as a city leader to improve housing opportunities in central Austin for people from economically diverse backgrounds. And what will you do to keep increasing property taxes from driving people out of their homes?

McGann: We must phase in the homestead exemption immediately, additionally we must audit the utilities and review their business practices so they are in line with the city’s goals for conservation. Lastly we must trim the budget to reasonable levels, and put an end to the council getting an automatic raise when ever the rest of the city works do (as happened last week), the council should have to propose, hold public comment and vote for a raise for themselves.

NNA: The City of Austin started a process to improve Airport Boulevard, but there has been no progress in recent years. What would be your commitment to continuing that process?

McGann: I am 100% committed to improving Airport, this could be the greatest street in Austin, and we can get there together!

NNA: What are the most important improvements and initiatives that you feel would benefit constituents in the Northfield Neighborhood?

McGann: Reduced taxes, increased attention from the city for improvements and synchronized traffic lights to improve traffic congestion.

Thank you for your consideration!


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