Weird News from Northfield

Is Austin still weird?  Maybe it isn’t as weird as it used to be, but there are definitely some weird things that still happen here.

Case in point, somebody made a strange donation to our neighborhood Goodwill that is making national news.  Was it a car?  No… Was it a suitcase full of money? No….

It was a human skull.

A real honest-to-goodness human skull was dropped off as a donation to the Goodwill on Lamar recently.


Yes.  That’s right.  A skull.  Bones.  As in, “Alas, poor Yorick…”

Somebody around here had a human skull sitting around the house, collecting dust.

That’s weird.

But weirder, that same person decided that the best way to dispose of those human remains was to drop off them off at the neighborhood Goodwill.

You have to marvel over the train of thought that led to that decision.


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