Taco Cabana is Getting New Neighbors

You may have noticed some demolition at the old Paisano Motors site across from Buck Moore Feed and Supply.  Soon ground-breaking will begin on another VMU structure that will cover the land to the south and to the west of Taco Cabana.


Big Red Dog Engineering and Consulting has filed a site plan with the City of Austin for review.  The structure, when finished, will include 209 apartments, and well over 5,000 square feet of retail space on the first floor.

Big Red Dog has a track record of building large VMU projects in Austin, including Lamar Union on South Lamar (once and future home of Alamo Drafthouse Theater).  No specific details or images for this North Loop and Lamar project have been posted on their blog yet (http://www.bigreddog.com/), but we’ll keep an eye on it for updates.


2 thoughts on “Taco Cabana is Getting New Neighbors

  1. I hope this project is handled better than the South Austin one. I have friends who live close to it (one is on the corner of Treadwell) and their experience has approached being in hell. VERY noisy, VERY dusty and the construction crews have no problems blocking driveways and generally making your life miserable if you live close by. They’ve also changed what’s going into the development so it’s more dense than originally approved. And, the project is at least a year behind. Guess I’ll need to find a way to bypass that section of Lamar.

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