A Vision for a Very Different I-35 between Airport and 51st

by Sebastian Wren

Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) has released a set of ideas that might improve traffic on and near I-35 near Northfield.  This new vision (not yet a plan, per se, but more of a set of ideas) features a redesign of the intersection of I-35 and 51st Street.  This redesigned intersection would feature a large roundabout, and many of the neighborhood streets would be blocked off to eliminate cut-through traffic.  (Specifically 52nd, 53rd, and 52 1/2 would be blocked — this has been a part of the Northfield Neighborhood Plan for over a decade.)

51st and I35 Plans

Additionally, on- and off-ramps would be removed around the intersection of I-35 and Airport Boulevard, and Airport would also be redesigned with a “Michigan Left Turn” at 45th and a “Diverging Diamond Interchange” under the freeway.

Airport and I35 Plans

As yet, this is only a vision that TXDOT is putting forward for consideration.  No funding has been allocated for this project, and it is unclear if a shovel will ever break ground, but it does reveal a willingness on the part of TXDOT to seriously improve all forms of traffic in a region that is currently neither safe nor convenient for any form of traffic.


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