P. Terry’s Coming to North Lamar

I have some good news for fans of good hamburgers.  And some bad news for fans of taxidermy.  The taxidermy / rug / flag “shoppe” at the corner of Lamar and Old Koenig Road that, for years, has moved the needle quite a bit on Austin’s official Weird Scale has finally closed.  Done and dusted — it was torn down just as soon as it was vacated.  So if you wanted to buy that vaguely moth-eaten stuffed lion he had on display, you’ll have to go to his new shop on Burnet.

In it’s place will soon rise a new P. Terry’s.  This is surely welcome news for most of our neighbors (except the ardent collectors of exotic animal skulls and Union Jack flags), but this must be especially good news for the thousands of state office and DPS employees in the area.  Not to mention the students and staff at McCallum High School.  Good food served quickly is always welcome around here.

This is a prime spot in a very desirable part of Lamar — Just one more example of rapid investment that will likely change the face of our stretch of Lamar beyond recognition in the near future.

Oh, and while I’m on the topic, it looks like the Omlettery signs are up at their new home on Airport Boulevard, and if I’m any judge, they should be open soon.

Ditto the new Sala and Betty restaurant next to House Pizza.  I haven’t been over there in a few weeks, but they looked like they were ready to open.  Anybody tried it?

House Pizza



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