Can You See Your House From Here?

by Sebastian Wren

Our wonderful neighbor Jan Seward found this awesome aerial photograph of our neighborhood taken in 1966.  You can see the Chief Drive-In Theater in the upper left corner, the field where Highland Mall was soon to be built in the upper right corner, and the old Safeway Grocery in the lower right corner.

Click on the picture to see a very high-resolution version of the photo.




2 thoughts on “Can You See Your House From Here?

  1. Thanks Jan. Our hood in the 60s. What great memories of watching the movies from my rooftop and enjoying the awesome aroma from the Butter Crust Bakery. Anyone remember shopping at Spartan’s? It was on the corner of 53rd 1/2 St. and Airport Blvd.

  2. I can see my house! I’ve only lived in the ‘hood since 1993, but I wish I could have known it back in the 60s. Thanks for a wonderful piece of history!

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